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I have had several brushes with creativity, from the writing of fiction in my youth, to a family memoir written in middle age, to publishing poetry and making films in what the French charitably refer to as le troisième age. My online nom de plume, homolog88, combines the morpheme homo (as in “homosexual”) with the morpheme log (as in “logos”). The number 88 follows not only for its sheer auditory pleasure but also makes reference to that early immortal rock classic by Ike Turner, “Rocket 88.” Also, 1988 was the year I spent doing dissertation research in Tanzania, definitely one of the highlights of my life. In its way, homolog88 makes reference to my sexual orientation, my academic background, and my continuing engagement with Africa and the African diaspora.



1. Montana Murdoch - February 1, 2012

Robert! Forgive me for being such a slug–got pulled into holiday madness, then blog-update madness, now am starting job-search madness–and kept forgetting your blog site where I wrote it down at work. Finally dug through the pages yesterday to find it so I could write and say thank you so much for your help, and for the lovely dinner and even better company. I really enjoyed it.

Hope your podcast came out well–did it?

I definitely got what I needed from the deal…have been slowly populating my blog w/images–you were right, the new theme is much easier to work with–and hopefully will start to write soon.

Thank you again. Am looking forward to reading yours as well…looks very interesting, from the quick browses I’ve done.

Un beso! M

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